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Hard N.O.C. Life

Jan 20, 2020

It's a Post-Crisis Hard NOC Life this week as Dominic and Keith break down the epic, five-episode crossover on The CW.

Last week, The CW pulled off one of the most improbable events in recent memory. Mashing up five different superhero shows (six, counting Black Lightning), the annual crossover event not only tied all of the CW-verse shows into a single universe, it also canonized nearly every live action incarnation of DC Comics characters from across the decades. The CW was basically able to pull off the DC Cinematic Multiverse that Keith has been championing for years! Now if only they'd #ReleaseTheCrisisCut!

Tune in for Keith and Dominic's favorite moments from Crisis on Infinite Earths as well as some discussion of the leaked details from Colin Trevorrow's Episode IX script.

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