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Hard N.O.C. Life

Oct 5, 2018

Since October is officially Filipino American Heritage Month and Inktober, who better to guest host Hard NOC Life than artist Glenn Urieta?!!

Glenn joins Keith to discuss their New York Comic-Con FOMO (1:00) and working together on a Hamilton lyric-inspired story for Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez's Ricanstruction anthology (2:00). They then go into the news of the week, including the announcement of Jon Favreau's Star Wars television series The Mandalorian (4:30) -- though this was recorded before Lucasfilm announced the first slate of directors for the show. Afterwards, they share their mutual affection for the brand new Into the Spider-Verse trailer (9:30). Keith then tests Glenn's Spider-Man fandom vis a vis the new Venom movie starring Tom Hardy (18:30) before transitioning into the DC Universe and all the casting news for Birds of Prey (21:00). They end on what's Nerd Poppin' (24:30) -- including Inktober, the Epic Proportions booth at New York Comic-Con, and Filipino American comic and hip-hop artists!

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