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Hard N.O.C. Life

Aug 31, 2018

On a new Hard NOC Life, Shawn and Keith are joined by Detective Comics writer Bryan Edward Hill to discuss all things Batman!

Shawn and Keith kick off the show by running down the latest Batman casting rumors, including the (now defunct) news that Alec Baldwin is playing a Trump-like take on Thomas Wayne in Todd Phillips' Joker movie and Oscar Isaac's potential role in Matt Reeves' The Batman (1:00) before Bryan, aka "Black Sinatra" joins to set everyone straight (5:00). Bryan also shares his opinion on why the films and movies tend to only use Frank Miller's interpretation of Batman (13:30). They then go into an extended conversation about the state of pop culture, such its parallels to religion and how identity gets caught up with corporate symbols (20:00). Then, Brian describes what it was like to speak with white supremacists for his Vertigo book, American Carnage (32:30) and previews how he assembled the roster for December's Batman and the Outsiders (39:00). Finally, they discuss that infamous line from the Titans trailer (51:15) before sharing what's nerd poppin' for them this week, including Rotten Tomatoes diversifying their critic pool, the return of Streets of Rage to the video game world, and why Noah Centineo from To All The Boys I've Loved Before needs to play a young Bruce Banner in a future Hulk movie (52:45).

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