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Hard N.O.C. Life

Jun 7, 2017

After shattering box office glass ceilings with a $200 million global debut, Keith breaks down the latest, and most successful, entry in the DC Extended Universe with two Wonder Women in their own right: N'Jaila Rhee (@BlasianBytch) -- who also wrote the official NOC review -- and Britney Monae (@HiBritneyMonae). Together they rank Wonder Woman against other comic book superhero movies and why the "No Man's Land" scene is the best, discuss the problems with the last act of the movie, break down the argument that Gal Gadot is a person of color and/or a Zionist, and determine which Chris is the Ultimate Champion White Actor Dude Named Chris.

As always, the official "Hard NOC Life" theme is brought to you by the super team of Adam WarRock ( and Chops (

"Hit 'play,' and check this."