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Hard N.O.C. Life

Dec 2, 2019

With Rise of Skywalker and the end of the Skywalker Saga at the end of the month to look forward to, Hard NOC Life is going to be a Star Wars podcast for the month of December. Because there aren't enough Star Wars podcasts on the internet!

Each week, Dominic and Keith will be breaking down a different trilogy that make up the beloved Star Wars franchise. And because they decided to go in numerical order instead of chronological order, they're starting with Episodes I-III, otherwise known as the Prequels. How excited were they to return to Star Wars as adults? What's Dominic's problem with younglings? What's Keith's problem with Yoda's syntax? How racist were the Neimoidians, really? How did Ewan McGregor literally become the man of their dreams? The hosts try their best to answer these questions (no more, no less. OK, maybe more or less) as we count down to the end of Star Wars on Hard NOC Life!

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As always, our official theme music is brought to you by the super team of Adam WarRock and Chops.